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How NOT to create an advertisement that will appear in a screen publication

During the early days of the web, it wasn’t unusual for a company to develop a website that worked only if someone used a specific browser. Land on that site using the wrong browser and you’d be instructed to download … Continue reading

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My predictions for the future of print magazines

On the Hammock blog, a post I wrote was added this morning that outlines 14 predictions I have for print magazines. It’s rather long, but I felt the need to collect several threads into one post. Several of the themes … Continue reading

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Remember this article from the New York Times

The New York Times article ”Snow Fall:The Avalanche of Tunnel Creek” is being touted, and deserves to be, as a breakthrough in multimedia story-telling. As I am a consistent “linker” to the digital work of the staff, I will add my … Continue reading

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Marco Arment’s Master Plan to Revolutionize the Future of Publishing

Actually, Marco, the developer of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper, says he doesn’t have a plan, nor is his new creation, The Magazine, a model for “how it’s done.” Quote: “A publication’s app should be designed and built with purpose and consideration. … Continue reading

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A tale of two announcement press releases: The iPad vs. Surface

The press release below, on the left, accompanied the January 27, 2010 announcement of the Apple iPad. The press release on the right accompanied today’s announcement of Microsoft’s  Surface. While both releases follow in a tradition that seems to dictate that … Continue reading

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