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Why The Daily Failed

About two years ago, when NewsCorp launched the iPad app and news organization called The Daily, I wrote a rather long post pointing out why it was misguided crap (even though I said it wasn’t) — ¬†but, hey, it employed … Continue reading

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Why real people hate big corporations

I wish there were some magic pixie dust, let’s call it, say, “social media,” that big companies could sprinkle over themselves so that, suddenly, they would be loved by their customers. However, I spent a few hours on Saturday ¬†frustrated … Continue reading

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How many curators does it take to curate a story about lightbulbs?

The concept of media curation has been around a long time. How long? Well, I can at least date it back to August of 2007, as that’s when I registered the domain, an address that re-directs to But … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Domains Are Still Important

This post, including the title, is my reaction to a blog post from Evan Williams, titled, Five Reasons Domains Are Getting Less Important. Ironically, I agree with everything he writes, except one: the title. So this isn’t a negative reaction, … Continue reading

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When words CEOs and CFOs use sound too good to be true

[Note: See update at the bottom of this post.] For many years, I’ve heard radio ads in which the announcer repeated the phrase, “People judge you by the words you use.” The ads touted a program that would help you … Continue reading

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