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Review: All the Way starring Bryan Cranston

I rarely do reviews of any type on this blog, and rarer still (perhaps never?), review Broadway plays (although, here’s one for an off-broadway show from 10 years ago). However, I wanted to get on the record that the limited … Continue reading

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Try not to smile when Rudy steals the scene

Except for his TV show, I’ve never quite gotten Bill Cosby’s humor. Oh, sure, I can recall some funny lines from early LPs he recorded. (“What’s a cubit?” is a funny line.)  But watching a couple of minutes of the … Continue reading

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This is a test. This is only a test. Do not attempt to adjust your set.

Recently, I’ve been away from this blog a lot. I went with my family to Wyoming. I’ve shared a few of the gazillion photos I took while there on Flickr. (Which reminds me, I really don’t like the way Flickr … Continue reading

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Recommended listen: Ray Manzarek on Fresh Air

On the way home earlier today, I heard this fascinating interview by Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, in which she speaks with Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist for The Doors. Manzarek died from cancer on May 20, so the show re-aired this … Continue reading

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How to handle a political scandal [Updated]

[Updated on 11.13.2012 - While I would like to delete this post and pretend it never happened, I'll confess: Everything you read from here on is wrong. I showed extremely poor judgment and  wishful thinking on my part to think that … Continue reading

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