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I think my RSS news reader is smarter than your Al Gore rhythm

(Sidenote: On, I’ve written about the new Getty embed feature like the one I’ve posted above.) The Verge has an interesting take on the acquisition earlier this week of the mobile app owned by CNN, Zite, by Flipboard, another app that … Continue reading

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Answer to a question I’ve been asked several times today

I have received several questions today related to the unique username I have for Twitter. Has it ever been the target of a hack similar to one receiving a lot of attention today? The answer is, “yes,” it has been … Continue reading

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From RexBlog, 2008 – Twitter is something you’ll never understand, so stop trying

[Note: I posted this in February, 2008, but it seemed appropriate to rerun it today.] I’m sorry if you landed here thinking this was going to be a helpful explanation about what Twitter is. I’ve given up on attempting to … Continue reading

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On another channel, stuff I’ve written lately

I confess. I’ve been a post-slacker on the RexBlog. However, over on the Hammock blog, I’ve participated in a couple of posts that might interest two or three of the 12 RexBlog readers. The post called “How Safari’s Shared Links … Continue reading

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People who’ve inspired me during the past 24 hours

I’ve spent over a decade being an active resident of the World Live Web. During this period, there have been over a decade of natural and man-created tragedies. Yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing was the most recent of these events that … Continue reading

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