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I think my RSS news reader is smarter than your Al Gore rhythm

(Sidenote: On, I’ve written about the new Getty embed feature like the one I’ve posted above.) The Verge has an interesting take on the acquisition earlier this week of the mobile app owned by CNN, Zite, by Flipboard, another app that … Continue reading

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Search Engine Land and Explanatory Journalism

(Yesterday, I blogged about something being called “explanatory journalism.” It provides some background for this post.) I ran out of time dashing off that post, but wanted to mention a business-to-business media company that rose out of the blogosphere and … Continue reading

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Celebrating the official arising of a rise in explanatory journalism

I’m happy to hear there’s finally an official rise in the number of sites devoted to “explanatory journalism.” It’s official because Gigom’s Mathew Ingram said so yesterday. Starting in 2009 when I explained how Wikipedia is a great platform for … Continue reading

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Marco Arment’s Master Plan to Revolutionize the Future of Publishing

Actually, Marco, the developer of Tumblr and creator of Instapaper, says he doesn’t have a plan, nor is his new creation, The Magazine, a model for “how it’s done.” Quote: “A publication’s app should be designed and built with purpose and consideration. … Continue reading

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How to handle a political scandal [Updated]

[Updated on 11.13.2012 - While I would like to delete this post and pretend it never happened, I'll confess: Everything you read from here on is wrong. I showed extremely poor judgment and  wishful thinking on my part to think that … Continue reading

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