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Social Objects, GE & Bonnie Raitt

The 12 readers of this blog will recognize some themes in the essay¬†about social objects appearing in the current Hammock Idea-Email. ¬†Also, thanks to my friend Hugh MacLeod for giving us permission to use his illustration to accompany it. More … Continue reading

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What You Think You Know About Anything Is Typically Both Right Wrong

(Note: This is a wonkish marketing/media related post. It started out as a comment, but grew into a blog post. If, even after being warned that it’s marketing/media wonkishness, you still want to read it, this post will make a … Continue reading

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Celebrating the official arising of a rise in explanatory journalism

I’m happy to hear there’s finally an official rise in the number of sites devoted to “explanatory journalism.” It’s official because Gigom’s Mathew Ingram said so yesterday. Starting in 2009 when I explained how Wikipedia is a great platform for … Continue reading

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What Dilbert said

It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’ve already received an emailed link to today’s Dilbert. That’s nice, as it means someone recognized it sums up about 100,000 words of my rants. (It also means they know I’d never see Dilbert unless someone … Continue reading

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Reaching Bottom: Trying to turn “humanity” into a buzzword

According to this article, “More than ever, brands are trying to behave like people.” The AdAge writer teases out such a “trend” from the launch of advertising campaigns by two different brands that use the word “human.” And then, … Continue reading

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