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What You Think You Know About Anything Is Typically Both Right Wrong

(Note: This is a wonkish marketing/media related post. It started out as a comment, but grew into a blog post. If, even after being warned that it’s marketing/media wonkishness, you still want to read it, this post will make a … Continue reading

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I think my RSS news reader is smarter than your Al Gore rhythm

(Sidenote: On, I’ve written about the new Getty embed feature like the one I’ve posted above.) The Verge has an interesting take on the acquisition earlier this week of the mobile app owned by CNN, Zite, by Flipboard, another app that … Continue reading

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So a Jewish comic and a Muslim researcher walk into an NPR story

There are so many things to like about this story on Friday’s All Things Considered. First off, the story is wonderful and uplifting. And very funny. For the 12 readers of this blog, however, I’d like to point out that … Continue reading

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Breaking good: A ten minute chat with Professor Jeff Cornwall

Jeff Cornwall, Belmont University entrepreneurship professor and longtime blogger (The Entrepreneurial Mind), recently invited me to appear on the video version of his blog — a show that is produced by the Nashville-based web video network, Talkapolis (think Leo Laport’s … Continue reading

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RIP Osmo Wiio. An accidentally great communicator

Recently, I learned of the death in February of Finnish academic (and more) Osmo Wiio, the originator of some of my favorite go-to quotes regarding communications. (More on those quotes in a moment.) To be honest, I was surprised that he was … Continue reading

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