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Review: The Nickel Creek reunion tour proves that absence does, indeed, make the heart grow fonder

For the past 12 years, posts about music on this blog have been rare. And on those rare occasions, those posts have been almost 100% about the members of Nickel Creek. (The reason for why “just them” is buried in those posts, somewhere.)

This post is the next in that rare tradition.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Nashville

Jack-Daniels-Tennessee-FireFour Nashville-related news items were lined up in my RSS newsreader this morning that  seem appropriate for a St. Patrick’s Day blog post.:

  • The Tennessee General Assembly is debating the meaning of the term “Tennessee Whiskey.” (Spoiler: Apparently, it means Jack Daniels). (Later: The Wall Street Journal examines the “What is Tennessee Whiskey?” controversy.)
  • On Thursday, Tennessee’s governor is expected to sign legislation passed by the General Assembly that will allow voters in local jurisdictions to decide by referendum if wine can be sold in grocery stores starting in 2016. (Translation: Wine will be sold in Nashville grocery stores starting in 2016.)
  • The restaurant editor of Food & Wine lists Tennessee Brew Works as among the nation’s six best new breweries.
  • In April Jack Daniel’s will start test marketing a new cinnamon-flavored whiskey called Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire in Pennsylvania, Oregon and Tennessee.

I feel certain there is local news about something other than alcohol, but enjoy St Patty’s day.

Riding a Bike in Cold Weather is Like Cross-country Skiing on Wheels

ortlieb-pannsI rode my bike into work yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 2). It was raining lightly and the temperature was around 40. It’s fairly easy and not terribly expensive to have the necessary gear to layer up for such a ride. The most expensive thing for me is a pair of Ortlieb Front Roller Classic bags (panniers)–what I use to make sure my Macbook Air (which I also slide into a gallon-size Zip-lock bag), camera, and clothes all stay dry.

By the time I was ready to head home, it was dark and the temperature was 25 degrees with a windchill of around 12. That’s my weather threshold for riding (nothing below 25), but I decided not to use the handy Nashville MTA #5 Bus with its front bumper bike racks and friendly driver who is always willing to stop and let me off a block from my home, despite it not being an official stop. (Sidenote for Nashvillians: MTA busses will also pick you up if you flag them down where there is not an official stop.)

Whenever I ride in such cold or rainy weather, I get the feeling people driving by think I’m nuts–even more than when they see me riding in normal weather. But the fact is, riding in such weather is about as close to cross-country skiing as you can get if there is no snow.

If you take care of your extremities and have the right gear, it is invigorating and a whole lot of fun–and you don’t have to fly north or west to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a mountain range in Nashville to provide the scenery one can enjoy in the Rockies. That is, unless you count the range called the Green Hills.