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Rexplanation: How I decide who to follow on Twitter

[Note: This post is a Rexplanation.] Recently, I followed someone on Twitter who, upon being notified of my follow, responded to me with a tweeted reply: I’m curious: Why did you decide to follow me? As the 12 regular readers … Continue reading

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Rexplanation: The internet isn’t just technology. It’s a place and people.

[Note: This post is a┬áRexplanation.] In my opinion, there are two ways people understand the internet. The first way is to understand the internet as something to use. The second way is to think of the internet as something you … Continue reading

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Introducing a new type of RexBlog post: Rexplanations

For a long time, as a service to the 12 readers of this blog, I’ve wanted to start using the label “Explanation” on certain types of expository RexBlog posts. That way, I can refer back to them whenever that topic … Continue reading

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The History of Media: Brands have been Publishers Since the 19th Century

[Note: This post is a Rexplanation.] Feel free to read-along, but this post was written especially for my blog and Twitter friend, Mathew Ingram, who posted an article on Gigaom this afternoon with the subject line, “The Future of Media: … Continue reading

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