How to Move to Canada

The chart below is the past week’s Google trend graph for U.S. Google users searching the phrase, “how to move to canada”?

The turning point is three days ago, Super Tuesday (3.2.2016), the day people who were still skeptical of the chances of Donald Trump winning the GOP presidential nomination, went from skeptical to hysterical.

I’m guessing that an American who must Google, “How to Move to Canada” needs other answers to questions like, “Do they have running water in Canada?” or “What language do they speak in Canada?” or “Where exactly is Canada?”

As a helpful aide, I found these on the inter-web. A map that answers the question, “Where’s Canada?”:


Nutqarrit_-_Stop_sign_in_CYCBI also found this recent movie from Canada where a park ranger and a park visitor (just guessing, however) are singing what is perhaps Canada’s national anthem. So yes, they speak english. (However, they have another language on their traffic signs, French, I think, but I have no idea what nutoarrit means in french..)

(P.S. I love Canada. )

Newest Guilty Pleasure: Documentary Now

Full-length first episode of the new IFC’s Documentary Now.

This is a full-length episode of IFC’s new Documentary Now. While this is the first season, in the show they are celebrating it as their 50th anniversary season.

Only thing I needed to hear was Fred Amisen and Bill Hader.

This episode: Think Nova meets Portlandia meets Vice, but primarily the latter two. Classic: Helen Mirren’s PBS-esque opening. Other episodes satirize other documentary clichés.

More clips from the show found here.

Warning: Probably not for those who don’t understand the phrase, “Portlandia meets Vice.”

John Oliver Hates April Fools Day as Much as I Do

This year, John Oliver played a trick on the internet. He taped a rant against April Fools Day and posted it on YouTube.

The 12 people who read this blog know how much I don’t like April 1 on the internet. It’s the day when people who aren’t funny on the internet try hard to pretend they are funny on the internet.

What results is me using a term one rarely hears except to describe humor on April Fools Day: ham-handed.

The saddest example of this was in the early days of TechCrunch when each year, the day would start with some news item about one company purchasing another company for some reason that made no sense. As a different version of that same “prank” appeared in TechCrunch each year, the only thing funny about it was how unfunny it was.

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Okay, okay. This Steve Jobs presser parody video was too hard to pass up

The weird thing is, despite Steve Jobs being the butt of the joke below, most of my Apple-fan friends will see this as a “tribute piece.” I guess that’s why it’s called irony.

As a reminder to those just catching what has accidentally become “a series” of posts, I’ll not that my recent rants have not complained about Apple products — even the iPhone 4, which I own — but on the surreal way in which the company responded to the complaints about the antenna, specifically the way in which the company first denied and ignored the complaints for 22 days. And then, when they called a press conference for hand-picked friendly journalists, they used it to mock those who complained about the antenna (the opening video) and point fingers at competitors and use profanity to describe the media in such a way as to invite the following:
Steve Jobs iPhone 4 Press Conference: The CollegeHumor Version: