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  1. We’ll just see now if he’s the real thing or just New Coke with a visor. My early prediction: a pro quarterback isn’t going to let Spurrier push him around, and he’s going to run into a lot tougher defenses than he did year-in, year-out in the SEC East, where his biggest worry was defeating Tennessee every year. Sure, he needed to beat Miami or FSU when they played to look good for the home crowd, but those Gator records look so good thanks to some questionable teams at the bottom of the SEC [sigh, my alma mater among them] and some excellent scheduling. He’s good, but he’s not all that. I give him 3 years and he’ll be regarded as a middle-of-the-pack coach. And the downside: if he can get the Redskins back in form, I guess my mom will REALLY never shut up about him, will she?

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