Small business marketing myth, #1: That would be the oft-suggested premise that small business owners do not think of themselves as small business owners as in this article from today’s Wall Street Journal. In other words, there is not such a thing as a small business market, but rather small companies within vertical trade groups. Perhaps that was true 15 years ago, but each year marketers spend billions convincing small business owners that they are small business owners. American Express certainly does. Sprint is throwing millions at the term small business right now. The WSJ reporter cites Quicken’s channel of small business “aggregators” like accountants as responsible for 50% of the software company’s small business sales. But that leaves another 50%, doesn’t it? I agree that small business owners do not first think of themselves as small business owners, but rather define themselves by their trade or profession. But when it comes to seeking products and services not endemic to their vertical industry, they head first to the “small business” section.