Oh Yeah? A Mac purist since 1984, I long ago quit trying to convince Windows users my machine and platform were superior to theirs. Why bother, I determined. It’s like being French: the French know their language and culture are superior, it’s just the rest of the world who’s decided differently.

I’ve been lucky to be in the publishing field, consistently one of Apple’s strongest niches. It allows me to say to regular business people that I still use a Mac because of its good graphics, or whatever, without having to go into detail about how anyone who doesn’t use a Mac is sub-human.

A few years ago, Windows machines began to enter our Mac-dominated office however. The first masked itself as a voice mail system. We are now so PC about our PCs, we allow new employees to swing either way. (I even think most of our Window-using employees haven’t yet realized that we make fun of them behind their backs.)

I believe many of my beliefs regarding marketing are based on my devotion to the Macintosh. I’ve endured much to remain an Apple customer, and at times I was probably more cultist than customer.
But many of the past handicaps using a Mac posed for me are now corrected (another story for another day). And I long ago won the bet with one of my partners regarding the probability of Apple’s demise (and that was about five years ago).

For some Apple propaganda on why they’re superior, check out their attempts to debunk some widely held beliefs about Mac vs. Windows.

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