Quoth the Ravens, never score.

Lewis loses.

I promise: this is my last comment on the 2001 NFL football season (although I’ll probably post some Superbowl advertising comments). It’s bad when the only thing you’re cheering for during the playoffs is for a team to lose. But since that’s all I’m left with, I must say I enjoyed today’s Pittsburg victory. Thank god we don’t have to endure Super Bowl build-up hype focusing on Shannon Sharpe, Ray Lewis, and the ever-humble Coach Billick. (And thanks also that the Titans don’t have to play the Steelers and Ravens twice each next year as they get realligned to the new AFC South division.)

From a marketing standpoint, this year’s winner in the player spokesmen category has to be Campbell’s Chunky Soup. The brand will display Nike-like savvy when their two sets of QBs & Moms line up against each other next weekend in the NFC Championship Game. The folks at Campbells and Y&R have to be saying “umm, umm good” tonight.