Shut up, already.

Over the past two days, the New York Times has provided some interesting coverage (analysis?) of the demise of Talk Magazine including this general piece in Saturday’s paper and this one in Sunday’s about Tina Brown’s instant spin:


“There is nobody more boring than the undefeated,” Ms. Brown said jauntily three hours after the staff meeting. “Any great, long career has at least one flameout in it. I’m very proud of having taken the risk.” (etc., etc., etc.)

Go, girl.

3 thoughts on “Shut up, already.

  1. God, that is an awfully callous way to describe shutting down your business. I’m glad it’s so good for her personally. I guess that means she already found jobs for everyone who worked with her. Maybe she could show a teensy-weensy bit of remorse??? I mean, surely SOMEONE will have trouble paying the rent next month. If not Tina herself.

  2. I guess she displayed a little bit too much hubris while on the top to be playing the tragic victim now. Perhaps she’s just the person to make failure fashionable. “I spent $50 million launching a magazine and blew every cent…and damn thankful for the experience,” she appears to say. Maybe she will have time to take care of that horse that she got Robert Redford to help her break; oh wait, that was the fictional Tina Brown in the movie, The Horse Whisperer.

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