Did the Journal need to footnote the Onion?

car flag

First, The Onion runs a funny piece about a man’s confusion over when to take down his American flags:

“I don’t want to be the first to take one down and look like an ass,” Wenger said. “When I put the flags up, I was saying, ‘I support America.’ If I take them down, some people will probably think I’m saying, ‘I no longer support America.'”

Then, today, the Wall Street Journal runs a piece about a man who picks up American flags that blow off peoples’ cars:

“I try to pick them up without getting out of the car,” says the 42-year-old environmental consultant. He has collected as many as 17 in one day, most during his hour-long commute on Interstate 95 between his home in Hobe Sound, Fla., and his office in Boynton Beach.

I’m not suggesting the Wall Street Journal reporter recycled his idea from The Onion or anything. All I’m saying is this looks a little Stephen Ambrosish to me.