Two worth glancing at from today’s WSJ:

The WSJ today profiles SparkNotes, a “quirky online rival to Cliff Notes,” which publishes crib notes, er, “keys to learning” produced by a staff made up of recession-hit recent graduates from elite universities.


Free-lance SparkNotes writers earn a few hundred dollars per 15,000-word file. The work has expanded from a summertime cash cow into the hottest odd job for many newly unemployed graduates. SparkNotes Executive Editor Justin Kestler, 25, says he doesn’t even have to seek out writers — they find him. When SparkNotes added four full-time jobs last spring, it received 250 applications from grads of top colleges.

The WSJ also looks inside Sports Illustrated’s shake-up.


Mr. Huey, 53 years old, oversees Time Inc.’s weekly magazines but picked Sports Illustrated as his first project. A charming but blunt Southerner who still spends most weekends in South Carolina, he’s also a sports fan. That distinguishes Mr. Huey from his predecessors, most of whom had little interest in sports and left Sports Illustrated alone.