Back when Presidents skinny dipped in the Potomac

Finally finished reading Theodore Rex (after reading The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt). Bully. Fascinating man and time, for sure.

If Teddy were alive today, he would blog; the guy wrote everyday: articles, letters, books, speeches. Reminds me a lot of Churchill’s prolificacy. Roosevelt’s topics ranged from bird watching (and listening) to naval warfare. A voracious and multilingual reader, as well.

Author Edmond Morris, (despite the panning of his Reagan biography, Dutch) is a tremendous storyteller. Roosevelt and his times provide excellent material for Morris’s skills. I couldn’t help drawing parallels with today, as Roosevelt’s era (turn of last century) saw so many changes taking place in transportation, communication and technology. The roles of and relationships between government and business were also major issues as they are today.

There are parallels in his years in the White House with today’s Microsoft antitrust case and Enron. Also some striking similarities to today’s challenges militarily and geopolitically. Politics aside, Roosevelt is a fascinating historical figure. And did he ever know how to get a way from it all. Even though it is not mentioned in either book, I seem finally to understand why Teddy Roosevelt made it onto Mt. Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.