The First Lady’s guest list

Ever wonder who gets to sit with the First Lady during the State of the Union speech? Me, neither. Except last night, there was an NFIB member invited along with war heroes, flight attendant heroines, Olympic organizers, a union boss, a bishop and an Enron shareholder who lost $8,000. Here is the official White House First Lady’s Box bio on the NFIB member:

Mrs. Rhoda Reeves, Cape Girardeau, MO
Rhoda is President, Founder, and Production Manager of Horizon Screen Printing. An entrepreneur, she has a family owned business employing 25 people. Rhoda founded her business printing t-shirts for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. From 1981-1984 she worked out of her basement with no advertising. She now has commercial space.
I like the title President & Production Manager. It really captures the small business experience. By the way, when I searched Google for her business, I discovered another company with the same name that wasn’t invited to sit in the First Lady’s box.