Read her lips, Bush made her day.

While working on a writing project regarding the State of the Union Address, I ran across this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan, who wrote the book on what makes a good speech. Not surprisingly, the former Reagan and Bush I speech-writing virtuoso, liked W’s message the other evening:


In the old days elite opinion held that Mr. Bush was a scripted trust-fund dullard whose rise was greased by luck and birth. Those were the days. Those of us who stood with Mr. Bush then were a small and hardy band of criticized contrarians. It was fun. We had secret handshakes and everything. Now everyone’s in on the act.

It is not, in general, good for presidents to be so universally praised. Politicians are made dizzy by love. They lose their edge, their purpose, and coast. But Mr. Bush has earned this support, and in any case wartime is a good time to unify behind a president–particularly this war, particularly this president.