A bad Super Bowl all around

I’ve attended only one Super Bowl. The Wall Street Journal today has an article about that very same Super Bowl. It’s a “where are they now” story about all the dot.com companies who ran advertisements during the game. Since I attended the game in person, I missed all those commercials. Super Bowl XXXIV is regarded as one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. I know that evening must have been exciting for those advertisers, as well. Today, many of them are regretting that evening as much as Kevin Dyson.

Since the WSJ article today does not mention who played in the Super Bowl with all the dot.com ads, I thought I would supplement their coverage with a “where are they now” update on the two teams.

Where Are The Super Bowl XXXIV Teams Now?”

The Saint Louis Rams

The Tennessee Titans

I’ll watch Sunday’s game for the commercials. I’m waiting until next season before watching any more football.