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A couple of decades after it was originally made, I saw my first animated movie on a big screen, Snow White. I was about three or four and I don’t know why I can remember it was in a theater in Birmingham (I have this weired recall thing about where I see movies that unfortunately does not carry over to things like plot and characters). I was in awe.

I didn’t think you could relive the experience of discovering what movies are for the first time until Friday night. My daughter and I saw the Imax version of Beauty and Beast and were both overwhelmed. Having six-story tall Disney animation fill your complete field of vision while being drowned in the sound of a zillion dollar Dolby system is the closest thing imaginable to seeing a movie for the first time. The experience was even worth going clear across town to a shopping mall I said I would never go to.

Imax documentaries like “To Fly” and “Mt. Everest” are awesome, but this is what this format’s been waiting for.