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I tuned into a Super Bowl and a football game showed up. And it was a game I’ve dreamed of many times. Except, in my dreams, the game took place two years ago and the AFC team wasn’t the Patriots. But the outcome was the same. Congratulations to two Boston natives at Hammock Publishing who are cheering tonight, especially Stasia, who won some money to buy chicken feed when Adam Vinatieri nailed that 48-yarder.

As for the commercials, here are the favorites from the pundits sitting on my couch. (Despite our whinning that most of them were weak.)

The Best
1. Barry Bonds & Hank Aaron for Charles Schwab.
2. Kevin Bacon for Visa.
3. The Bud Lite robot wars ad was the favorite of my 11-year-old son, which makes sense as that’s the audience they obviously were targeting.
4. The Levi’s rubber leg spot got some chuckles.
5. The court reporter got a few thumbs up, but haven’t we seen it before?
6. Britney Spears in the 50s. (Okay, I’m the only one who liked it.)

The Worst
1. Britney Spears in any other decade but the 50s.
2. Yahoo. No, I don’t Yahoo. Short the stock.
3. eTrade. Not funny. Not clever. Go away.
4. mLife. Met Life doesn’t need to sue them. The failure of this campaign will surely punish them enough.
5. Any commercial for a movie coming out in 2002. Movie ads have to be the ads of this Super Bowl. A big gamble of promotional dollars for what? To be one of a dozen look-alike movies about things blowing up. I want the Wall Street Journal to do a follow up on what the return on these turkeys’ $2 million investments in Super Bowl ads turn out to be.