My wish list just became obsolete

According to Business 2.0, Carl Mead, a member of the original group of founders of Intel and still one of the world’s leaders in the field of quantum physics, is set to unveil his start-up company’s revolutionary new digital photography chip, the X3.


(If Mead delivers) the radically designed light-sensing chip will forever transform photography, render obsolete all current digital cameras, turbocharge a consumer market that’s already at $2.3 billion in North America alone, and provide the tools to turn even the klutziest shutterbugs into Avedonesque auteurs.

Even with Mead’s track record in revolutionizing PCs through his chip design, there are still doubting Thomases, or, to be precise, doubting Chucks.


Chuck Westfall, assistant director of technical information at Canon USA, is dubious. “At this point, I have no reason to believe that that kind of technology is possible,” he says. “It defies my imagination to understand how anyone can do that.”

Well, there goes my wish list.