Sign of the coming Apocalypse

Best in Show
Ferrari Owner

Took the kids to a neighborhood sports bar for supper last night and half the TVs were carrying either men’s figure skating or the Westminster Dog Show. Just imagine the remote control battles taking place all across the land?

Speaking of men’s figure skating (which I promise will not happen again on this weblog), I saw Jim McKay’s piece on Todd Eldredge’s family and upbringing in a fishing community on Cape Cod. Typically compelling story fare about a poor fisherman’s kid’s dream and 20-year struggle to win an Olympic medal. How he left home at age 10 when the town raised money for him to go pursue his figure skating Olympic quest.

Great job, Jim. Back to his old heart-tugging best after that slightly embarassing opening ceremony coverage.

But wait, the McKay piece leads right into Eldredge’s short program in which one of the first things Scott Hamilton tells us is that last year, when the skater finally performed a “Quad” in competition, he rewarded himself by purchasing a Ferrari.

A Ferrari? Remember Rocky II (or was it III or IV)? Eldredge’s face plant last night proves once more it’s hard to maintain the eye of the tiger when you’re driving around in a Ferrari.