Business-to-business media habits

Fairfield Research, a media research company, has released summaries of recent studies they’ve conducted regarding business-to-business media. Here are pointers to each of them.

1. The Internet business-to-business media audience has reached 56.5 million who spend an average of 45 minutes daily on b2b sites.


While the b2b, on-line audience spends, on average, 140 minutes (2.33 hours) per day on-line–35% of that time–49 minutes, is spent on B2B sites every day. The remaining 65% of their time spent on-line include reading and sending email as well as personal, non-business activities.

2. Workers find trade and business publications more valuable (43% found valuable) than business-to-business web sites (35% ) or trade shows (40%).


Higher income workers found all three media information sources to be more valuable than the average worker. Sixty-two percent (62%) of those workers with incomes over $75,000 found trade and business publications to be valuable to them by providing information that helped them in their job. Likewise, these high-income workers found b2b web sites and trade shows significantly more valuable than the average worker.

3. While the actual number of American workers reading business media is down 3%, they are spending more time with it and being exposed longer to advertising within it.


In 2000 business people were exposed to advertising in business publications on a national basis for 46.5 million hours per day. In 2001 American workers were exposed to advertising for 56.3 million hours each day.

Last fall, Yankelovich-Harris conducted similar research for the business-to-business media trade group American Business Media. Here is a link to a PDF of the summary of those results.