Are weblogs crossing the tipping point?

When I started this weblog, I had a few self-imposed rules:

1. No posts about the weblogging phenonmenon.
2. No posts about why I blog.
3. The aggregate time spent actually posting things should not be more than 30 minutes daily.

Rule #1 is a reaction to my observation that even some of the best weblogs contain way too much self-possesed analysis of why what they are doing is culturally significant (versus insignificant hubris). Rule #2 comes from the observation that I have yet to read one of these confessionals which answered my question, “Why should I care?” Rule #3 seemed obvious (and obtainable after you learn some tricks).

On ocassion, I’ve broken Rule #3, but not often.

I have not broken Rule #2 unless this post sorta counts.

I am about to break Rule #1 with this post.