Gratuitous SI swimsuit issue post

1972 swimsuit30-years ago

In my quest to keep you on the cutting edge of magazine news, I’m happy to point you to the Daily News’ coverage of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. The issue, which hits newstands tomorrow, is busting at the seams with 110 pages of advertising, second only to the 25th anniversary swimsuit edition in 1989.

Magazine history extra:

Here’s an archive of SI swimsuit covers.


Looking for an attention grabber for that winter lull between the Super Bowl and spring training, in 1964 Sports Illustrated hit on the idea of transporting readers to warmer climes. The rest is history: The annual Swimsuit Issue is by far the magazine’s biggest seller.

Note to SI fact checkers: While I don’t think folks are really reading the copy on this archive, for future reference, the Super Bowl did not start until 1967 (thus, Super Bowl XXXV this year).