Closing thoughts

Real-time blogging of the (thank-god-they’re-over) Olympics closing ceremony:

They first have dinosaurs look over into the stadium, then Kiss, Earth Wind & Fire, Gloria Estefan, Donny & Marie, Willie Nelson. Is this a salute to things we thought were extinct?

Mary Carillio, shut up. Don’t talk over Harry Connick Jr. to explain what he’s singing. This ain’t tennis. In fact, while I’m thinking about it, shut up the next time you cover tennis.

How old is Dorothy Hamill? 46? Man, that Vioxx seems to be working.

An commercial? A dot-com commercial? This IS a salute to things we thought were extinct!

Scott Hamilton, show us YOUR quad.

The ten-man Italian flag-spinning team? Is Ed Sullivan channeling this show?

No comment on that fashion model not appropriately dressed for 20-degree weather.

Elisa, the Italian Madonna? Isn’t Madonna the Italian Madonna?

The new K-Mart commercial (directed by Spike Lee) is great. Too bad K-Mart isn’t.

Mitt Romney. Is this guy from central casting, or what? Didn’t know him two weeks ago. A Mormon with a Harvard MBA and law degree. Bain & Co. founder with the deep pockets of a gazillionaire. Smoother on TV than Tom Brokaw. Will probably run for governor this November in either Utah or Massachusetts. That’s right, that Massachusetts…where he almost unseated Ted Kennedy. Or he could pick a dozen other states. Tennessee, maybe?

The crowd on our couch gives thumbs up to the balloons with the Cirque de Soleil escapees dangling from them.

Home Depot wins a gold medal for best Olympic marketing break with the success of Derek Parra. Speaking of Olympic marketing. I found the “cute” Chevrolet commercials amusingly executed, but funnier still for their depiction of themselves, the world’s biggest spender of advertising dollars, as a couple of guys who are hanging out in Salt Lake doing guerilla marketing. Funny inside-marketing humor.

Jackson Pollack painted ice with those pogo jumpers on steroids. Now that’s entertainment.

Christina Aguilera’s pants? Are those allowed in Utah?

To the American athlete who yelled at the camera, “Hey, I need a job,” I hear they’re hiring at Home Depot.

That’s it?

Happy trails to you.