A magazine brand extends into IM

Elle Magazine’s ellegirl.com today launched a “virtual buddy” that “delivers information about beauty, fashion, celebs, and more!” (their exclamation point!) From the folks at Active Buddy, the folks behind my favorite virtual buddy, smarterchild. Just add “ellegirlbuddy” or “smarterchild” to your buddy list and peer into the future of fake friends.

2 thoughts on “A magazine brand extends into IM

  1. It looks like there is still room for a COSMOgirlBuddy:
    lewisatlewis: what can you tell me about sex?ELLEgirlBuddy: sorry… i can’t talk about that. type “home” 2 see what i can chitchat about.

  2. You’re right Lewis, I just had this conversation with ellegirlbuddy:

    titansguy: can you tell me about Lewis Pennock?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: this is ELLEgirlBuddy, produced and maintained by activebuddy, inc.
    i’ll have to think about that…
    titansguy: Think about Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: sorry, what?
    titansguy: Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: what about lewis?
    titansguy: What can you tell me about Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: hmm… i dunno. tell me about lewis?
    titansguy: Lewis Pennock. Tell me about him.
    ELLEgirlBuddy: huh!
    titansguy: Nevermind.
    ELLEgirlBuddy: ok, fine.

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