2 thoughts on “A magazine brand extends into IM

  1. It looks like there is still room for a COSMOgirlBuddy:
    lewisatlewis: what can you tell me about sex?ELLEgirlBuddy: sorry… i can’t talk about that. type “home” 2 see what i can chitchat about.

  2. You’re right Lewis, I just had this conversation with ellegirlbuddy:

    titansguy: can you tell me about Lewis Pennock?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: this is ELLEgirlBuddy, produced and maintained by activebuddy, inc.
    i’ll have to think about that…
    titansguy: Think about Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: sorry, what?
    titansguy: Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: what about lewis?
    titansguy: What can you tell me about Lewis?
    ELLEgirlBuddy: hmm… i dunno. tell me about lewis?
    titansguy: Lewis Pennock. Tell me about him.
    ELLEgirlBuddy: huh!
    titansguy: Nevermind.
    ELLEgirlBuddy: ok, fine.

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