A trend?

Last week, I wrote about buy.com’s new print catalog it calls a Magazine. (My take: Probably a good idea, but it’s a catalog, not a magazine.)

Today, atnewyork.com reports that website bizbash.com is launching a 60-page controlled circ publication for the New York business-travel industry (caterers, planners, etc.).

In 1999, I made a presentation at Pace University (my final time in the WTC) to business-to-business publishers on the topic of “migrating to the web.” One of the first things I told them was my belief that it was probably more important for web publishers to be meeting on the topic “migrating to print.”

Buy.com is certainly not the first to attempt the flight to print. Alloy.com is aggressive in the this department, however, they are honest enough to call a catalog a catalog and magazines, magazines.

I strongly believe on-line retailers should explore adding print to their mix. It is a great idea. Some of my favorite direct merchants, consumer and B2B are brilliant at using the two in a complementary, successful way.

But don’t confuse the act of putting out a catalog with launching a customer magazine or newsletter.