Weblogs being adopted by traditional media

Iwantmedia.com recaps some recent weblog developments and points to some blogs launched recently by media giants.


Weblogs — those mostly independent Web sites that link to original content on other sites — could “undermine the hegemony of global media giants,” says The New York Times. Maybe that’s why traditional media outlets are getting in on the act. Fox News just launched a Weblog featuring the work of rotating “bloggers.” The National Review’s site is now offering a staff-run Weblog. The pay area of the ESPN site has added a Weblog of sports stories. ABC News’ Weblog covers political news. The Web sites of newspapers such as the San Jose Mercury News, Boston Globe and Detroit Free Press have Weblogs on Internet and tech news. The New York Times offers an e-mail Weblog of financial reporting. And the Weblog on The Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal site wraps up the “Best of the Web Today.”