Huey watch

John Huey & Co. get interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and from the sidelines, magazine editor extrodinaire Clay Felker weighs in on the needed changes at Sports Illustrated:


“ESPN was eating their lunch,” (Felker) said of a rival magazine started by the cable network. “The magazine was looking very tacky. ESPN is so vigorous and strong.”

4 thoughts on “Huey watch

  1. My bet: I’m guessing the demographics on SI & ESPN mag are way, way different. SI prob has the 40+ crowd nailed down. [No offense to any 40+ers who are reading or err, writing, this weblog.] And I’m guessing that although there are a ton of you baby boomers out there, Nike wants to talk to the 15-30 year olds a lot more. I’m guessing they buy more shoes. It’s just a wild guess. And in the last of my wild guesses, that’s who’s buying ESPN mag. Because to use some 1999-speak, it’s hot, and SI is so, so not.
    Hey, have you read Slam? Or seen Slam Online? Now that’s really hot.

  2. I’m so not. I don’t read Slam. I get all the information I desire about basketball in three minutes of ESPN Sportscenter.

  3. You gotta go to their website. It is awesome. You won’t know what the hell they are talking about. I can’t pretend that I do, really.

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