Exclusive: Matt Drudge is acting strange

Matt Drudge does a great job pointing to breaking and obscure news on the Web, but sometimes his big scoops make no sense to me. For example, his recurring “exclusive” that the movie A Beautiful Mind does not include some aspects of John Forbes Nash’s life contained in the book is, well, weird. The book is a bestseller and the movie is a blockbuster. What possibly can be “exclusive” about the contents of either? And really, when has a movie ever contained everything in a book? Okay, other than Harry Potter?

Drudge’s current big scoop is that some people are not voting for Russell Crowe and Ron Howard in the Oscars because in the book, Nash is an anti-Semite, and in the movie this fact is “covered-up.” I think a careful review of the book will also reveal that Nash was constantly communicating with aliens while in the movie this fact was mysteriously altered so that the aliens were cast as CIA agents and college roommates. A conspiracy? What about the fact that the book described Nash as severely mentally ill when he was espousing anti-Semitic views? That he was an insane schizophrenic.

And anyway, what do Russell Crowe’s acting skills have to do with Nash’s views while he was insane? Does this mean that to win an Oscar, leading actors must only play a character who desires to serve his fellow man?