Vise grip

The Tennessean borrows heavily from the Washington Post coverage of David Vise’s controversial book purchasing patterns. It took the hometown paper a week to report the news regarding their former cub-reporter. I saw Vise at lunch today in a meeting in which perhaps less than 10% of the audience knew about the controversy. Nevertheless, Vise used the venue to clear the air (and compliment the Tennessean’s coverage) regarding his book, The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen.

Vise is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, former investment banker and Wharton MBA (in marketing, of course). I’m sure if he were covering this story as an investigative reporter instead of being its subject, he would still be less than convinced…but I guess that’s what makes a good reporter. After he’s through this, he’ll probably end up with a higher level of empathy for those hot-seat occupants he covers in the future.

By the way, he sold lots of books at the luncheon. I think I’ll pick up a copy from the library.