A Real Simple formula for success

Medialife.com’s Jeff Bercovici takes a look at the “new sister” magazine, Real Simple.


Moreover, in a year when countless magazines took a beating on the newsstand, Real Simple’s single-copy sales were up 24.3 percent, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. About a third of the magazine’s circulation comes through the newsstand. That’s impressive when you consider that Real Simple’s covers lack the two things women’s magazine editors rely on most to fuel sales: sex and celebrities. “I have consciously made it a kind of quiet cover,” says managing editor Carrie Tuhy. “Martha and Oprah and Rosie are in their various own ways celebrity driven. We’re sensibility driven.” That serene, understated sensibility doesn’t allow for an eye-catching, oversize logo or cover lines promising better orgasms. It doesn’t even allow for people of any sort, much less celebrities.

Also, look for Hearst’s new “outsert” Chic Simple and a rash of other Simple Knock-offs and extensions. My suggestions: Real Confusing. Simple Mind. Simple for Dummies. Simple Company. Real Old.