Food fight

The New York Times’ Regina Schrambling reveals some tasty magazine news: Gourmet Magazine has nothing on Reiman’s Taste of Home. Maybe that’s one reason Readers Digest has a $760 million appetite for Reiman.


All the recipes are submitted by readers, making it a unique barometer of how America really eats. It’s like a Junior League cookbook in installments every other month….Taste of Home is just one piece of a unique empire, based in a little town that looks right out of a David Lynch movie but is actually two Interstate exits south of Milwaukee. The magazine has its own visitors’ center, complete with a store selling Reiman merchandise, and even has its name on a surprisingly stylish restaurant. I made a pilgrimage there a couple of years ago and am still thinking about it.

Taste of Home posts a few stories on its website.

One thought on “Food fight

  1. Have you ever read a Reiman pub? They are for real. They are written by the readers and they have a real community. They are awesome. I mean, the folks are not like you and me, Rex. They are American’s heartland….just like Schrambling says in her article. They are like the folks in our hometowns. I’m not sure who that means you and I are….but if you were to read Taste of Home or Birds & Blooms you would know. The readers of those pubs would think we were obnoxious city slickers. Maybe we are. Reiman has done an exceptional job of capturing this audience, creating advocates and marketing the subscriptions around it. I don’t know what their numbers are, but the publications read like you are at your church circle meeting. In effect, you’re at a nationwide neighborhood potluck everytime you pick up the magazine.

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