The AOL-Time Juggernaut

Louis Rukeyser says he’s been sacked by Maryland Public Television as host of the PBS program, Wall Street Week. “They decided unilaterally not to proceed with me as the host of the show I created, wrote and maintained for 32 years,” Rukeyser told AP.


MPT is entering a partnership with Fortune magazine to produce a new version of the weekly program called “Wall $treet Week With Fortune.” The show, slated to air in the fall, will feature Fortune editorial director Geoffrey Colvin and an undetermined co-anchor, MPT said.

For magazine trivia buffs, here’s a question: How does Lou Rukeyser already have a two-degrees of separation connection with Fortune?

(Answer: His brother William, used to be its managing editor and was the founding editor of Money. They are both the sons of noted financial journalist Merryle Rukeyser.)