Recalling Rukeyser

Before CNBC, CNN-FN and the 24/7 financial coverage you now find on cable and online, Wall Street Week (see item below) was the only 30-minutes a week of stock market coverage one could find on television.

Rukeyser hit his peak in the mid 80s as mutual funds and pension plans raised the awareness of financial markets in the minds of more and more Americans. His show, despite his insufferable puns and agonizingly corny commentaries, was a must-watch by corporate tycoons and arm-chair penny-stock players alike.

I can recall Rukeyser coming to Nashville twice during that era for public appearances. One was sponsored by J.C. Bradford & Co. and was held in the War Memorial Auditorium. The other at Belmont, related I believe to the opening of the Massey School of Business.

Rukeyser drew full houses both times. The first 45 minutes of both talks were quite interesting, but after about an hour or so, the crowds got restless. Let’s just put it this way, Rukeyser enjoys hearing himself talk and had no idea how to end his lectures.

I guess that’s what happened on his show, as well.

But something tells me you can’t shut Rukeyser up this easily. My early prediction is that Fox News or CNBC will put him on opposite Wall Street Week as a slam to AOL-Time. I’ll watch.