It’s a small galaxy

The Nashville Post (requires subscription) reports a company called iXalt has purchased the magazine Preaching and has moved its editorial and business operations to Brentwood from Jackson, Tenn. I didn’t think I would be familiar with the magazine until I discovered in the press release that it was started by Michael Duduit, who remains its editor and president. I know Michael from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Even then, he was a great writer and editor, but his absolute claim to fame was his warp-speed two-finger typing.

Seeing this reminds me about how much magazine publishing takes place under the radar in Nashville.

I grew up in south Alabama knowing Nashville not so much as Music City, but as the place my Sunday School quarterlies came from. Living here since the late 1970s, I continue to be amazed by the range of publishing found here, from the divine to the, well, not divine.