The New York Times’David Carr and Lorne Manly examine the digital dreams that have led to nightmares for one of the few companies owning both consumer and trade magazines, Primedia.


The man in charge is Tom Rogers, Primedia’s supremely self-confident chief executive and digital evangelist, who made a huge bet on transforming an old-line publisher with a line of unrelated media properties including magazines like New York, Seventeen and National Hog Farmer into what he calls an integrated, old-media-new-media enterprise. Mr. Rogers is the last true believer. A former General Electric (news/quote) executive who has spent his career counterintuiting convention in the media industry (he championed CNBC), he continues to engage in the kind of robust digital rhetoric that has others cringing.

Follow-up: (3/25) Via Jim Romenesko, it seems Mr. Rogers was not too pleased with the story nor the undisclosed former relationship the writers had with Primedia.