‘Exciting and fun’ magazine news

Playboy Magazine’s Hugh Hefner was recently honored for his “lifetime achievement in the magazine industry.” The magazine’s current desperation promotion, a pictorial of the “Women of Enron,” should be “honored” as one of the saddest magazine gimmicks in anyone’s lifetime.

Quote from the Dow-Jones news service:

“This isn’t our way of capitalizing on tragedy at all,” said Kevin Kuster, senior photography editor for Playboy. “In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We realize that the situation right now for the employees of Enron is difficult, very difficult, and after talking about it, we saw it as this might be a way for an employee of Enron to do something exciting and fun.” An employee of the fallen energy trader may find this to be an opportunity to embark on a different career path, said Kuster. He declined to say how much the Enron workers would be paid, but said that it probably wouldn’t be enough to “change their lifestyle.”