Flash backs

bill carey

Nashville Scene writer Bill Carey is profiled in Today’s Wall Street Journal in a special small business section. Bill is one of ten people profiled as part of a package of stories called, “The Morning After: They took a chance, now how do they feel?” (Please, no email comments.) Bill was one of the founders of nashvillepost.com, which is still a well-worn link on my bookmarks. He also is the author of Fortunes, Fiddles & Fried Chicken, which is an excellent look at some of the high and low points of Nashville business history.


But he was exhausted. He knew he couldn’t go on chasing stories while simultaneously running a business. On the day that state son Al Gore announced his running mate for the presidential election, it was midsummer, and Mr. Carey left his office to shuffle over to the news conference at the Capitol. “It was 98 degrees,” he recalls. “I hadn’t slept in days.” He gazed around at the relaxed press corps standing around, making jokes, no worries. “I thought, ‘God, this is horrible.'”