You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you

This WSJ article explores the state of paid content on the web. Buried deep within it are these choice lines about weblogs:

Then there’s all the free “vanity” material, such as so-called Web logs — sites where writers post commentary along with links to other articles on the Web. These noncommercial sites are a growing source of online opinion, gossip, analysis and reviews — just the sort of thing readers flock to Salon and similar sites for.

But Web logs are limited, in part by lacking the broad credibility that comes with brand recognition. Inevitably, mainstream consumers will have to pay for some content and services on the Web. The number of widely recognized providers has shrunk to the point that these users will have few options.

Should I start charging a subscription for access to this vanity log? Does $9.95 per month sound too high?