Not so subliminal marketing

No, I’m not having a theme day.

It’s just that magazines aimed at “frisky” young men seem to be in the news today.

Abercrombie & Fitch, whose A&E Quarterly shows the power of custom publishing as dramatically as any relationship marketing effort I know, is the American master of controversy marketing. The company leverages its advertising dollars into publicity millions through its Benetton-lite antics.

Last week, it was the Asians who were boycotting Abercrombie. This week it’s the Illinois State Legislature and a coalition of “save the family” groups. Their gripe with the company? Oh, it’s that custom published magazine, A&E Quarterly, I was mentioning earlier.

It’s seems the current issue of A&E Quarterly is too hot for words (but who reads the words, anyway?). It’s all about sex and and college students. If you’re wondering what’s in the issue, the American Decency Association issued this press release that includes various graphic descriptions of A&E Quarterly content.

Direct Quote:

The following examples epitomize what follows through the first 119 pages of the catalog: Page 2 & 3: nude couple splashing in water — rear nudity, female frontal nudity; page 5: Close up photograph of nude couple, focusing on the girl’s bare breasts, etc.,etc…

All I want to know is how much did Abercrombie & Fitch pay the American Decency Association to issue this? And why isn’t this press release dated April 1?

I hope this is my last post of the day regarding magazines targeting hormonally-elevated young males.