Sadly strange

The Tennessean breaks the story that Nashville Vice Mayor Ronnie Steine, an announced candidate for the open Tennessee 5th district U.S. congressional seat, is dropping out of the race. It seems he miscalculated when he thought that a little shoplifting incident last December wouldn’t come up during the campaign.


“I did something wrong. It was a mistake and in answer to your question which everyone will ask me: ‘Ronnie, what were you thinking?’ Obviously I wasn’t thinking.”

While I would have to agree with the folks who are asking, “What were you thinking?” my question would be directed at his decision to enter the congressional race rather than his decision to shoplift. The decision to shoplift was, I hope, an impulsive blunder. The decision to run for congress required careful consideration.

Ronnie Steine is, according to mutual friends, a great person who has done a lot for his community. Just last week I learned about an inspiring program he helped start that provides a safe setting where recovering addicted teens can finish high school. I am sorry he finds himself in this uncomfortable position and am grateful that time is a great healer.