Rich topic, poor article

This article on, while poorly researched and reported, looks at the “trend” of extending a cable TV brand to a magazine.

Interesting topic, but the article is filled with such useless quotes as this:

“If you do it right, it can be a tremendous asset,” said The Yankee Group senior analyst Mike Goodman. “It has to fall into the product mix. If it doesn’t, you are better off saving your money and focusing elsewhere.”

Thank you, Mr. Goodman. I usually pick up a magazine from the newstand based on how well it fits into the product mix, don’t you? My advice: If you’re thinking of using the services of the Yankee Group to help you decide whether or not to launch a magazine, you are better off saving your money and focusing elsewhere.

The article also sets off my pet peeve meter with this undocumented “fact” the reporter made up:

The weak and uncertain advertising environment, combined with ongoing increases in paper and postage costs, have made for a chilly climate for any new publication.

For the record, there is never a “sunny climate” for launching any new publication. But that doesn’t stop magazines from launching — even in these chilly days of Spring, 2002.