The Weak

Out of curiosity (and that magazine geek problem I have), I subscribed to The Week Magazine to see what is so notable about it. It’s a thin 40-pages in magazine format. Its newsprint production gives it the feel of free TV listings. The editorial is brilliantly cheap and blog-like. It’s filled with digest versions of what newspapers were reporting the week before. Organized thematically along the lines of a newsweekly, the magazine’s editorial promise appears to be, “here are the hot stories in this category, and here is how the media is covering them.”

If USA Today is MacPaper, then the Week is MacMagazine (made from leftovers). If you read a daily newspaper, you don’t need it. If you scan several news websites and blogs on a daily basis, you could edit it.

And while it’s published by the folks who brought you Maxim, there are no bikinis or gross jokes. Sorry.