2 thoughts on “I’m starting with the man in the mirror

  1. OK normally I love the Times. It is my paper of choice. But for real now.
    They managed to make the story of the OA into so much of  a soap opera and really exploit the Southern color angle, don’t you think? They made it all about personality and sort of half-heartedly threw in, “Oh by the way, ad sales have been down since Sept. 11.” As if the fact that Smirnoff is a colorful, controversial figure in Oxford has something to do w/ the magazine’s demise????
    I do find it fascinating he didn’t even graduate from high school, don’t you? But I find that and his personality an aside to the business of the magazine. Sigh. I guess there are still lots of people who think the South is different, obviously in some weird way, according to this article.

  2. You mean it’s not? I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Smirnoff today and he did not display any firebreathing tendencies whatsoever. As for a high school diploma, I think they’re over-rated. Why just last week I heard from an old friend of mine who didn’t graduate from high school. However, in his case, he went straight from 11th grade to Duke, where he also finished in three years. He’s the head of asian languages at Stanford now (not bad for an anglo from Nashville who didn’t finish high school, huh?).

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