Can you believe they do this?

NY Times advertising reporter Stuart Elliot reports that “critics” are aghast (reg. required) that a daytime women’s talk show on NBC would allow product marketers to pay for stealth-like on-air promotions. However, he does admit that at the end of the show, there is a not-so-stealthy disclosure that, “promotional consideration was paid by the following products…”

Please, someone also tell Mr. Elliot that those prizes given in daytime gameshows are, (can you believe this?), provided to the shows FOR FREE in exchange for in-show promos. And, get this, the hosts of talk shows and news programs wear FREE clothes provided in exchange for promotional consideration. And sometimes, airlines and hotels provide services that get credited during those shows. And also, the Olympics actually collect funds from those “official sponsors” and, do you know what?, those NFL football stadiums are named after companies IN EXCHANGE FOR MONEY.

I think we all should share Mr. Elliot’s outrage at this practice of corporate marketers trying to place their product on TV programs to get buzz. Oh, yeah, and what about all those Apple products in every movie made?

(Disclosure: I’ll be happy to provide promotional consideration on this weblog to Apple in exchange for one of these.)